Who is Eric Salas?

Eric travels the world filming examples of many cultures in the world of dogs and wildlife. His goal is to help people learn the true language of Animal behavior and create free instructional videos for the world to see. This will make conditioning, training, showing and living with dogs more fun. www.EricSalasWorkshops.com and Erics YouTube channel will host these videos and will be the foundation of helping others in addition to the many Guest appearances at shows or All Breed Handling & Grooming workshops that can be found on the Workshop Schedules page .  Look for and proudly display the #EricSalasWorkshops hashtag symbol that can be found on Eric’s Facebook page and Instagram . The #EricSalasWorkshops are tagged on Winners Photos, Events, fun photos and videos of those who are willing to support others through training and friendship.

Dog Show World

Eric’s career with K9’s started in California in 1976. Eric has worked with the top groomers, trainers and handlers in the industry. Eric travels the world conducting seminars on: animal behavior, training, conditioning, grooming, handling and working with aggressive dogs.  Eric has developed some of the most successful time saving grooming products like: EZ-Grooms Ruff Out Spray, textured and metal Stripping Stones, Eric Salas Series combs, Texture Crystals, Eric Salas Series Shears  and is the inventor of Panagenics, just to name a few!

Grooming Competitions

Eric is a featured speaker and Judge at many of the top grooming shows in the world such as NEPGP, Chicago’s All American Grooming Show, Inter groom, Hershey PA, Atlanta Pet Fair, Dallas Pet Pro Classic, Pet Expo in Paris France, Australia, Norway, Sweden, New Zealand, Germany, England, Poland, Slovakia and growing. 

Media Exposure

Eric has been featured on Nickelodeon’s All in with Cam Newton, Martha Stewart Living Magazine and even guest appearances on Animal Planet.

Group & Private All Breed Training

Eric conducts private and group All Breed handling and grooming workshops for many clubs and breed nationals. Many people bring problem dogs that won’t walk, stand or shy away from judges that change within minutes. Taking  you to the next level, increasing your speed, quality and fixing the most difficult dogs will be demonstrated at every workshop. Bring him your dog and walk away with the answers to the most difficult problems. Watch the videos; follow the post on his Facebook or signup for a private or group lesson today.

Teaching Background

Eric’s Teaching background comes from teaching at P.A.D.I college in Santa Anna California in 1987. Eric specialized in educating people in; Teaching Methodology, Hydro Physics and Underwater Photography.

Animal Behavior Background

Eric’s Animal Behavior background comes from close mentorships with amazing mentors in dogs and animals. In addition, Eric is one of the top wildlife photographers on land and underwater. Eric has spent thousands of hours with some of the most dangerous wildlife the world. Studying the behavior of wildlife in the wild has proven to be the best classroom you could ever imagine.

Video Production Background

People often compliment the quality of Eric’s videos on YouTube. Eric has worked in the entertainment industry for many years in the capacity of; Photographer, Camera operator, Director, Lighting and sound for some of the top people in the industry. To see Eric’s production background go to www.EricSalasProductions.com